Parvati valley Charas.

Parvati valley is located near Bhunter in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, India. Parvati valley is famous of its charas which is hand rub version of hashish. Malana is a small village along this valley which is worldwide famouse for its malana creme hash. Deep down the valley is Tosh village last village which is connected by road. Which is our first stop. Tosh village is famous for Tosh ball hashish. It  is produced by carefully rubbing the female buds between the hands and then rolled into small ball. Bellow image shows the tosh ball hashish 5 to 7 grams in weight. All image are high resolution so it may take some time to load.

Tosh Village Hashish ball 5-7 grms.

Tosh Village Hashish ball 5-7 grms.

Parvati valley charas

Parvati valley charas

This hashish is in its pure form smells great and taste awesome. Local rate as of 15 Nov 2013 is 1200 Rs/10grams. Very stony and physical high. Smoke is uplifting and aromatic, Spicy taste smooth and cooling while exhaling.  Can be found in any INN in tosh village and most of the time people will offer you products from their farms openly. Buying in large quantity is possible but way risky to bring back home. This product is harvested in month of October to mid Nov and whole village is busy with rubbing. Most of the INN are full during this season.

Here is a photo of freshly produce hashish. This balls are Chocolate light brown when they are packed. Then they eventually change color from light brown to dark brown almost black outside with oily shine. This is supper sticky and hard to roll for joint you need to use chillum for smoking.


DSCN3511 DSCN3509  DSCN3503

You can ask for older hashish villagers stock their produce for years keep inside earthen bowl buried underground for 2-5 years. This mature hashish is totally different then freshly made hashish. It is hard dark almost black brown color ball which crumbles when crush, when smoked its spicy to taste and  strong aromatic hits the soul.  Totally worth more than fresh one its hard to find as villagers keep those for themselves. You get nice relaxed body high for hours. If sold then in range of 2000 Rs/ 10 gram. Here are some pics of 2 – 3 years old hashish.



DSCN3562 DSCN3557 DSCN3553

Avoid buying hashish in tourist place which do not produce. Like kasol village which is on the way to tosh. This village is like base camp for all tourist  looking to explore parvati valley. Hashish in this locations is like mixed of products from low quality Afghan and Nepal stuff.

If you are looking for pure Indian hashish buy it from villages Like Tosh, Jari, Malana and Rasol and try to find farmers who harvest from their own land.

Over From Tosh we have one more interesting story which will be my next post. This story is about getting tosh valley hashish back in home country via post mail. Here we have added new page to our blog Get by post. Till then go through some more pics about Tosh valley hash balls.

DSCN3472DSCN3535 DSCN3534 DSCN3533 DSCN3536 DSCN3532 DSCN3531 DSCN3530 DSCN3529 DSCN3528 DSCN3527 DSCN3526 DSCN3525 DSCN3524 DSCN3523 DSCN3522 DSCN3521 DSCN3520 DSCN3519 DSCN3518 DSCN3517 DSCN3516 DSCN3515 DSCN3514 DSCN3513 DSCN3512 DSCN3507 DSCN3506 DSCN3505 DSCN3504 DSCN3503 DSCN3502 DSCN3501 DSCN3500 DSCN3499 DSCN3498 DSCN3496 DSCN3495 DSCN3494 DSCN3493 DSCN3492 DSCN3490 DSCN3488 DSCN3487 DSCN3485 DSCN3484 DSCN3489 DSCN3483 DSCN3481 DSCN3480 DSCN3479 DSCN3477 DSCN3476 DSCN3475 DSCN3474 DSCN3473 DSCN3472  DSCN3470 DSCN3469 DSCN3468 DSCN3467 DSCN3466 DSCN3465 DSCN3464 DSCN3463 DSCN3462 DSCN3461 DSCN3460 DSCN3459 DSCN3458 DSCN3457 DSCN3456 DSCN3455 DSCN3454 DSCN3453 DSCN3452 DSCN3451 DSCN3450 DSCN3449 DSCN3448 DSCN3447 DSCN3446 DSCN3445

Wait for our next post about hashish from Indian via post mail till then keep following. Here we have added new page to our blog Get by post.

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